Fourth of July looks

Red, White,and Blue.

Here’s my take on dressing up for the fourth in patriotic attire keeping it fashionable.

1. Scarf. Or bandanna: Wearing one with take your outfit up a level from pant/shirt, dress, etc. It’s a great way to accessorize with something fun and spirited  and still look classy. Pair a scarf with over a red/white/or blue dress that can double as your work outfit. Can pair also over a simple tanktop blouse and skinny work pants.

2. Plaid. Now this may not be in style right now, but it sure like hell screams America! A short sleeve red/blue plaid blouse that’s not dark in color will work. Pair with jeans if you can.

3. If you’ve got to wear a suit to work, try to find a blouse that has two of the red/white/blue colors in it. Pair that with a chunky necklace of the third color!

4. Red shoes. Yes, red. Not white, not blue. Blue shoes are very fashionable, and so is red but not as common as blue for work attire. White shoes, now, don’t scream out anything, they’re just sort of there. Red, a deep red and not bright, provides something bold for your outfit and can easily be pulled as the Fourth attire.

5. Last but certainly not least: Denim. Denim collar shirts are totally in right now and have been for a while. Snag one anywhere and pair with any accessory listed above (red/white/blue scarf, chunky necklace, shoes!). Easy score and simple wardrobe recipe for the Fourth!

Below are some looks to help you visualize! And please remember one thing: Do not over-accessorize. That looks cheap and tacky.


077     red white blue 2red white blue 3    red white blue 4    red white blue 5

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