Be My Valentine

So let’s talk Valentine’s Day. Personally, I don’t make a big deal out of it if I’m single. If I’m in a relationship I think it calls for a cute present and fancy dinner out. So on that note; outfits. Let’s start with if you’re going out to dinner with your hubby. Best to keep it simple and classy. No extra fuss and don’t over do the colors or accessories. Black and red, bits of gold or silver. Save the chunky statement pieces for a night out with the girls, and ditch the closed toe heels from work. Pick a pair of open-toe heels, to show off your skin. I believe that heels are sex appeal to guys. Black looks good on everyone and is so flattering. Red is hot and makes you look hot, perfect occasion to rock the red. Spice it up with elegant jewelry pieces that fall gracefully on your neck or wrist. A necklace that’s between fine jewelry and overly chunky would do just fine too. A long necklace is good too so it keeps your neck bare. Earrings; do one or the other that’s big. So long earrings and simple necklace..vice versa.

Out to dinner with your hubby; elegant and simple: Soft jewelry pieces, show off your skin, keep it simple. Guys aren’t into seeing you play dress up for the holiday.


Out with the girls; play dress up and be cutesy:

Play up the Valentine’s Day theme in your outfit. Be cutesy in your look out with the girls. Flowy dresses or cocktail dresses for going out or just dinner. Accessories with hearts, roses, and lots of red accents, etc. Here are some examples.


Here are some pieces that you can wear at work to do great if you’re going out right after work. Wear a blazer over the dresses and easily switch up the look by swapping accessories. (shoes, red belt, glam up the jewelry) Also don’t forget to play up the makeup after work! Have fun and use a red bag for work that day!

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