HOW TO: Let’s Talk Blazers

I love blazers! They are a simple way to turn any outfit professional and sophisticated. Long blazers, short blazers, fitted blazers, boyfriend blazers, color blazers, print blazers..oh my! I personally love and own many types of blazers so I can opt to take my outfits in any direction.
Long Blazers/Boyfriend Blazers: Pair them with tight clothes, since these blazers are not fitted. So skinny pants, and a fitted blouse underneath. Sometimes I’ve worn them with harem pants, but they go better with fitted bottoms. DEFINITELY do not wear this blazer with a skirt, it’ll tend to look frumpy. Here’s a picture of two different blazer lengths over the same pants. Long blazers also create a more lax look, bit on the casual side. I’d also wear heels with long blazers, especially since I’m petite, the heels will elongate my body to make up for coverage from the length of the blazer.  Image

Short Blazers: Also great with skinny pants but easier to pull off over harem pants or skirts. Short blazers tend to be more fitted and have sharper structure than long blazers which carries a more professional look.

Printed/Color Blazers: Not only can a blazer dress up a look but one with a print can make it easy to wear with plain colors and still create a fun look. I have a blazer passed down to me from way back when, but the print is so great and it livens up any simple outfit of solid pants and  shirt. If you’re ever struggling with how to bring color and print into an outfit just wear solid clothing and pop on a color or print blazer! P.S.- floral print blazers are in this year! I’m personally not a fan, but look into the trends and try it!    Image
Blazers without lapel: These are considered blazers to me because of the cut and structure but they don’t have a collar or lapel. They can work with any style but tend to be short so remember the pairing about short vs. long blazers. Image

Modern Blazers: Okay so you may not even realise that there are “modern” blazers. but these are simply a category because of their cut. They clench in and fit around the waist allowing for more figure in the garment. This is unlike classic blazers which are pretty much straight cut. Here’s a great example from                              Image

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